Illustration as a service

When it comes to versatility, illustration has it all. It can convey any feeling in any situation in any context. It can be abstract, cute, technical and above all, it can be anything we can imagine.

Our studio takes pride in our fortes and illustration is certainly one of them. We believe in the power of imagination and storytelling through drawn imagery. Px8 has a long experience in creating editorial illustrations as well as brand identity visual assets and user interface elements that are unique and personal.

What we can help you with:

Visual storytelling
Icon sets
Brand illustration
Marketing material
Our thoughts on illustration

Key points

Serve the purpose: We love illustrating but it doesn’t mean that everything must be illustrated. Let’s break down the content, analyse the brand and be open about the use of illustrated items. The goal is to enhance the experience.
Cost and brand effective: The exciting bit of using illustration is the flexibility that it offers. One image can be easily modified to serve multiple purposes resulting in lowered production costs.
Rules are consistency: The infinite amount of styles possible can easily lead to a chaotic and eclectic look and feel. That is fine if it’s what you are looking for but otherwise we need to set rules we can later use for replication.
Overall: There is no limit on what you can communicate with an illustration. Well, maybe there is something but we can’t think about it in this moment... and even that is worth the doodle.