Motion as a service

Movement is the transformation of an object that occurs over time. By applying motion to design we make the experience richer for the viewer.

With the current technology that is available for us to create and display it just makes sense to apply animation to a digital experience. From animating a logo to complex input-feedback interactions, motion is an essential addition to a brand’s visual identity.

What we can help you with:

Advanced web animations
Brand motion
Our thoughts on motion graphics

Key points

Emotion through motion: In real life things (usually) do not just appear. They have a starting and ending point. That is exactly what animation in a digital product does. Movement guides, informs and amuses us.
Brand enhancement: We identify a brand by it’s product, name, logo, colours, tone of voice, values, etc. But, how does it move? Is it nimble? Is it relaxed? Or is it static? Well that is OK too.
Use with precaution: If everything animates then nothing animates. The use of animation should always serve a purpose not simply as a filler. We can say that it should have a meaning and it should serve the experience.
Overview Animation brings another dimension to your digital product or service. They say time is the fourth dimension but let’s leave that to general relativists and string theorists and let’s apply some movement, shall we?