Project management tool

Fortask is Out of The Box task management tool for small teams

We were contacted for two tasks: redesign the app user interface and update Fortask's website look and feel. We accomplished this by keeping the visuals and content simple and clear. For the landing page we created a series of illustrations that makes the product more approachable for small agile teams.

Services we offered:

Web design
App UI design
Frontend development


User interface: For the app our goal was to keep it simple and enhance the easy of use. We designed the product focusing on clear actions and making it easy to look at but our main aim was to be able to fit as much content in one view as possible.
Illustration: To make the product friendly and approachable we designed a set of illustrations that visually communicate what the product does and how it works.
Web solutions: We've built the website on Wordpress with custom admin tools that support multiple languages. Since load time was one of the concerns we avoided using plugins and created most of the core functionality by hand. This makes the site easy to maintain, safe and most of all fast.

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