Sampo Group

Digital annual report

This ambitious project started with an invitation by Miltton Creative and together we compiled a conceptual approach based on an abstract water cycle. The concept would represent the changes in the financial world and how Sampo is able to predict and to adapt to these changes.

Our solution was to involve FAKE production in to the mix by creating the vision with 3D animation that resulted in giving life to the experience.

Services provided

User interface
User experience
Visual storytelling


Concept: We wanted to bring the different water cycle elements into the design creating the sense of movement and control over the powerful animations. Every stop is a window, an opportunity to look inside immersing yourself into the relevant content.
Prototyping: Having conceptualized such an ambitious visual idea, it was crucial to prototype the motion and interactions all along the process. Therefore, this allowed the client first and the development in later stages, to understand the whole idea before it was implemented.
Collaboration: This process was a clear example of how many stakeholders can come together and take control of the different expertise areas. A smooth collaboration between the client, Sampo Group, Miltton Creative, FAKE, Crasman and Px8 was the key for creating this digital annual report.