Soma platform

Social Market Platform

Soma - the Social Market - is a mobile app that unites buyers and sellers. Soma opens up a new way of second hand shopping and gives an experience that is fun, seamless and social.

We helped design its UI & UX in collaboration with Soma and the development team. The digital platform integrates the over all process of selling and buying, from registering to the service to paying for the product into a seamless and social experience.

Services we offered:

Visual Identity
User experience
User interface
Creative Development
Soma platform


User experience: We were lucky to be part of the initial MVP planning and got the change to give input on the initial planning. This lead us to create flowcharts to give developers the product owners and us designers a clear view of what we're taking on.
User interface: Main challenge with the UI was to use Google Material and customise it enough that it would reflect the SOMA brand and also work well on iOS and the web platform.
Prototyping: We saved time and added clarity to the functionality by creating prototypes to convey the vision. Since it's easy to share the same ideas with the design team but when it has to be sent out to development many times the vision doesn't translate all that well through endless documentation.

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