Expo2100 is a exhibition held in the Finnish Museum of Architecture by the collective Uusi Kaupunki

Project Details
End client
Uusi Kaupunki Collective, Nordic Works
Creative lead
John Salinero
Lead designer
Johannes Eret
Piotr Osmola
  • Web development
  • Brand design
  • UI/UX
  • 3D animation
The client

The Uusi Kaupunki collective, comprising of AOR, Avarrus, JADA, Kaleidoscope & Architects Tommila, MUUAN, and Virkkala de Vocht Architects, pioneers inclusive methods and democratizes urban planning. EXPO2100 exhibit reflects the latest research project by the collective.

The museum

The Museum of Finnish Architecture is a national special museum. The museum maintains a collection of Finnish architecture and serves as a source of expert knowledge for everyone interested in architecture and the built environment.

The exhibition

The exhibition on display in the Studio of the Architecture Museum is complemented by articles and podcasts, which are published on the EXPO2100 website.

The visions

Uusi Kaupunki team’s envision various aspects of living in 2100 with a focus on sustainable future and comfortable homes through alternative choices. Each vision is depicted in a unique way to convey both abstract and concrete ideas, and harmoniously interact with the others.

Project Team

John Salinero

Brand design, 3D animation

Johannes Eret

Web design, development

Piotr Osmoła