LeadDesk was in the need of a refresh. We gave it a good scrub and the end result simply shines.

Project Details
LeadDesk Oyj
Project Lead
Johannes Eret
Creative Lead
John Salinero
  • Development, wordpress, hubspot, visual identity

It was time. After many years of collaboration between LeadDesk and Px8, we had to do it. The old brand became old so we did what we had to do: a brand refresh.


It was a clear process. After defining the scope of the project we started experimenting with different visual languages and it was clear what could stay and what should go from the old brand.


LeadDesk brand has moved on the be a fresh, clean and contemporary brand that with a little development magic, it will stay relevant for a long time. Then we will scrub it again!

UI/UX design

All we needed to do is clean up the typography, refine the colours, define a new layout, create a visual dialogue between the content and the graphic imagery, clarify the hierarchy, develop the new site, integrate hubspot. Simple!


Project Team

John Salinero

Art direction

Johannes Eret

Lead developer and UI design

Piotr Osmoła


Yufei Ou

Digital design